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Beverly Ohm, RPT

Professional, Dependable Piano Tuning Services

Tuning is an essential part of regular piano maintenance. This process allows you to be certain that each note will be produced both clearly and accurately, resulting in smooth, predictable music.

Tuning should be performed at least twice a year if the pianos are played often and will go out of tune if not taken care of. Rely on The Piano Lady for impeccable repairs.

Create beautiful music today

Creating beautiful, compelling music takes more than just passion and talent, you also need to ensure you have an instrument to match.


Let me evaluate your piano to make certain it's capable of taking the notes you play and producing the sound you've imagined.

Your first stop for tuning

  • Comprehensive tuning

  • Pitch raises if required

  • Tightening of bolts and screws

  • Pedal adjustment

  • Spot checks of tuning pin tightness

  • A440 standard pitch

  • Work on all pianos including grand and upright

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